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GCoop Team Bonus

Who qualifies? GBO members and UP.

Basic idea: Team bonus is the heart of GCoop's compensation plan based on a binary plan. A maximum of only 2 people can be directly placed under each person. The outside "A" leg is considered the "Power" Leg while the inside "B" leg is also known as the "Profit" Leg.

GCoop Binary Compensation Plan

How does a Binary Plan work?

In a binary plan, you have 2 teams - "A Leg" Team and "B Leg" Team. When you personally enroll a new sponsor you will place him/her underneath either leg. Placement of the sponsor is under your discretion but since this is a "team effort" you must consider what leg he/she will perform the best as a group. Until you earn over $10,000 per month it is best to place the sponsor only beneath the "A leg" of your main A or B leg. Never place a new sponsor underneath the B leg of your downline sponsors. (Unless you know what you are doing.)

Each team leg will accumulate BV every week and the total balance of that week ends every Tuesday. BV is accumulated only through your "downline" sponsor's purchases.

[Note: The BV you "personally" purchase with your ID does not participate in the BV for your Team Bonus. It accumulates for your membership level and participates in the Team Bonus for your "upline" sponsors.]

How do I get paid?

Bonus Volume accumulation is calculated weekly ending on a Tuesday and the Team Bonus will be paid out on the following Thursday with cash calculated as the smaller BV leg multiplied by 12%. For example if your smaller leg has 2000BV, then your cash payout is 2000BV x 12% which equals to roughly $240 since (1 BV is equivalent to $1.00.) The minimum amount of BV that can be converted to cash is 100 BV ($1.20)

Does the remaining BV I don't use for that week expire or get flushed out?

On a 1-to-1 ratio, the smaller BV is subtracted from the larger BV and the remaining BV is carried over on the same leg to the next week. As long as you personally accrue 50 BV per month, your Bonus Volume will never expire and always carry over to the next week.

GCoop Team Bonus Compensation Plan

The maximum payout cap is $25,000 per week. This cap only applies to the Team Bonus and not to the other bonuses. For most GCoopers who view this as a business, Team Bonus will be the greatest portion of their income.

I am currently signed up as a GCooper but what if I want to start the business about a year later? Will I be able to keep all the BV that is accrued from my downline partners? Will the BV ever expire?

This is a very important question that all GCoopers must know and understand. In order to start receiving Bonus Value BV from your downline, you must have a membership of GBO - "GCooper Business Owner" or above.

Once you attain GBO membership, GCoop allows you not only accrue BV from your downline partners but your BV will never expire nor will it ever max out nor will it ever flush out under one condition you must personally attain 50 BV with your ID every month. If you miss one month without 50 BV, you will lose all the BV you have accrued.

"Autoship" is the best way to prevent losing all your BV. Autoship is a monthly subscription of your choice of GCoop products. Autoship will give you exactly 50 BV every month.

(Autoship Tip: Comparing the price between all autoship products with membership prices, CK Balance H gives you the best bang for your buck - membership price is $220 vs. autoship price is $110. The reason for the price difference is because CK Balance H balance is in "Bulk" form so the pills are not individually package. The bulk form is not to be sold to the public and used for GCoopers only. The membership CK Balance H form is individually packaged.)

Talking Points:

  • Binary Plan is a team effort. So placing your downline sponsor in the "best" leg is important to bring a synergistic effect. Sponsor placement is a strategy and takes time to learn. However no need to fret if you think you make a mistake. Often times those mistakes may become the best action you ever did.

  • BV is carried over to the next week and does not expire as long as you personally accrue 50 BV per month - this is easily solved through "autoship".

  • Our ratio in cashing out and balancing the legs is 1-to-1 ratio with a minimum of 100 BV to cash out.

  • Especially in a Binary system, it is most important to have a hard working, responsible sponsor who is above you. Otherwise it will take more effort and time understanding the system of GCoop.

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