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GCoop Sponsor Bonus

Who qualifies? All GCoop members

Basic summary: All members will receive 5% of the BV received from every product purchased by the sponsor you directly enrolled (referred). In other words, you will receive 5% of the BV received by all 1st generation sponsors you directly enrolled.

BV from Sponsor Bonus is calculated weekly ending every Tuesday Pacific time. All of the "5% BV" is paid out in cash on the following Thursday exchanged to USD - 1 BV is equivalent to $1.00

For example: This is the Beauty Pack - $1980.00 - 1000 BV

GCoop Beauty Pack

If your 1st generation sponsor purchases the Beauty Pack for $1000. Beauty Pack has a value of 1000 BV. You will credited with 50 BV which comes from 5% of the 1000 BV received by your sponsor. If you receive the 50 BV before the end of Tuesday, $50 USD will be deposited directly to your bank account.

Remember - all of the 5% BV points received from all of your 1st Generation Sponsors are totaled at the end of every Tuesday and the equivalent cash bonus is paid out in USD directly to your bank account on the following Thursday.

GCoop Sponsor Bonus

Who can I receive 5% BV from?

You receive 5% BV only from your downline sponsors you directly referred to GCoop. Therefore I can receive 5% BV from all GCoopers who are my 1st generation. Think of it as a referral bonus not for a one time purchase but for life.

GCoop 1st Generation

How long can I receive the sponsor bonus for?

As long as the member is a GCooper and you are his/her "enrollment" sponsor you will continue to receive 5% BV. (Enrollment sponsor is official term describing the GCooper who directly referred and enrolled the new GCooper.)

Talking Points:

  • It is quite often one receives a discount or cash on a product or referral. Most people recommend products they like to their friends. In a way they giving the company free advertisements or a one time perk. However every time your 1st generation sponsors buy a GCoop product you will receive a kickback of those purchases - for the life of the membership.

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