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GCoop Sales Bonus

Who qualifies? All GCoop members

Basic Idea: Purchase the products at member or wholesale price and sell to the public at retail price - Direct Selling method.

GCoop Sales Bonus

Member Price vs. Wholesale Price:

  • All GCoop members can purchase GCoop products at Member Pricing which is roughly 30% discount from the retail price. So you can potentially earn 30% profit.

  • 2-Star members can purchase most GCoop products at Wholesale Pricing which is roughly 50% discount from the retail price. So you can potentially earn 50% profit.

How to attain a 2-Star membership?

During your span of your GCoop membership, your total Bonus Volume of your personal purchases must accumulate over 1000 points. This roughly equates to around $2000 in purchases. There is no need to maintain the 2-star membership. Once a 2-star, always a 2-star unless your membership expires. Your membership is extended one year from the last purchase date.

Talking Points:

  • Sell directly to consumers at retail pricing and potentially make 30%~50% profit.

  • Sell directly to consumers but focus more on membership and receiving payment through commission and through Bonus Volume - aka. Sponsor Bonus.

  • You don't have to make a team to start making money with this method.

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