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GCoop Promotion Bonus

Who qualifies? 2-Star Membership & Autoship required.

Basic Idea: One can consider it as a "congratulatory" reward given when a GCooper attains a certain rank. This rank is achieved by balancing the total accumulated BV for each leg within the last 4 weeks. The reward is given out only once.

GCoop Promotion Bonus

How do I attain the Rank of Bronze ~ Sapphire?

Ranks from Bronze to Sapphire require total accumulation BV within the last 4 weeks for each leg with the week ending on a Tuesday.

GCoop Bronze Rank

How do I attain the rank of Ruby ~ Diamond?

In addition to the total accumulation of BV within the last 4 weeks, ranks from Ruby to Diamond require certain ranks on both legs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation sponsors.

For example, to get the rank of Ruby:

  1. you must have a total of 24,000 BV accumulated within the last 4 weeks on both legs

  2. there must be a silver rank in each of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Sponsors on both legs.

GCoop Diamond Rank

Talking Points:

  • If Team Bonus is the cake and Matching Bonus is the Icing on the cake, Promotion Bonus is the cherry on top.

  • Once you attain a rank it is permanent, there is no extra effort needed to maintain the rank.

  • Notice that ranks higher than Diamond do not receive any cash bonus. Contrary to popular belief that higher ranks continue to get larger prizes.

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