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GCoop Membership Levels

What is BV?

BV stands for Bonus Volume. BV is points received from purchasing GCoop products. Each product is assigned BV points. BV value is approximately half the price of GCoop Cosmetics and most Dietary Supplement products bought at membership price. GCoop products bought at wholesale price has lower BV in comparison.

For example: Lets look at the pricing for Hydration 5 Basic Set

  • Retail Price is $165 - 0 BV is acquired since only non-members purchase at this price.

  • Membership Price is $109.00 - BV acquired is 55.

  • Wholesale Price is $83.00 - BV acquired is 25.5

In comparison, you receive more BV by purchasing at membership price in comparison to wholesale price. (Roughly you receive 20% more BV when purchasing at membership price.)

How does Membership Level work?

Membership and your accumulation of BV begins with your first purchase of GCoop products. Every time you purchase GCoop products with your ID, your BV is increased. When you reach a certain level of BV you are automatically placed in a higher level of membership. Each level of membership qualifies one to receive a new compensation benefit.

For example: a GBO level qualifies you for the Sponsor Bonus and Team Bonus. If you want the 1st Generation Matching Bonus, you will need to accumulate at least 500 BV to become a 1-star member.

Key Points for GCoop Membership Level:

  • Membership is absolutely free

  • There are 5 levels of membership. Each level is determined by the amount of Bonus Volume points (BV) from "personal" purchases (purchases you made through your ID)

  • Membership is valid for one year starting from the last purchase date. In other words your membership is re-extended for one year every time you purchase GCoop products with your ID regardless of the amount.

  • "Beginner" is a Temporary membership which expire in 15 days until you purchase GCoop products of any amount. If you don't purchase any products within that time period, your membership will be cancelled and you will lose your placement within the binary tree at that time or registration. However, you can reapply for membership but you will be placed at the bottom of the binary tree.

  • Attaining GBO membership level is officially your start to the Binary Compensation Plan of GCoop business - Team Bonus.

  • The qualifications for Global Membership is 2-star membership with autoship. Only Global Membership allows you to register GCoopers in other countries under your name and also allows you to receive BV points from GCoopers registered in other countries as well. In order to receive Bonus Volume from your downline partners from other countries, you need "Global Membership". Global Membership is the highest level of membership to receive the maximum possible compensation allowed from GCoop.

What is Autoship? Autoship has 3 main functions:

  • First, it subscribes the member to "monthly subscriptions of GCoop products" amounting to 50 BV or around $110.

  • Second, it allows the 2 star membership level to become a "Global" GCooper.

  • Third, it automatically fulfills the monthly personal 50 BV required for GCoopers to prevent BV points from expiring. In other words the minimum requirement to obtain infinite BV without expiration is 50 BV per month. This amounts to at least $110 in personal purchases.

Is autoship required?

  • For Global membership and Promotion Bonus - YES

  • To fulfill the minimum requirement of 50 BV per month to keep your BV - NO However you will risk losing all your BV if you don't fulfill that requirement.

  • For all GBO members seeking to receive "Team Bonus" it is highly recommended.

Cf.) This year, "Autoship" and the subscription method will be changed into the GCooper Program but the start date is yet to be determined.

GCoopInfo is the largest source of English materials pertaining to GCoop.

The information above comes from GcoopCommunity which will officially open in the Fall of 2019. The information from GCoop Community including the GCi system will be available for all downline partners who signed up their GCoop membership through GCoopInfo and through downline partners of GCoop Virginia. If you are interested in joining GCoop, click here and fill out the registration form. Thank you very much.

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