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GCoop Matching Bonus

Who qualifies?

  • A minimum of 1-Star Membership & 100 BV accrued "in the smaller leg" per week is required in order to receive 30% of income created by Team Bonus from all 1st Generation downline sponsors.

  • 2-Star Membership with 200 BV accrued in the smaller leg per week is required to also receive 15% of all 2nd generation sponsor's income created through Team Bonus

  • 2-Star Membership with 1000BV accrued in 4 weeks in the smaller leg is required to also receive 10% of all 3rd generation sponsor's income created through Team Bonus.

  • 2 Star Membership with 3000BV accrued in 4 weeks in the smaller leg is required to also receive 5% of all 4th generation sponsor's income created through Team Bonus. This is the maximum possible scenario to receive the full entire benefits of Matching Bonus.

Basic Idea: You can earn a percentage of the income your downline sponsors make from Team Bonus- from 1st generation up to 4th generation.

GCoop Matching Bonus

To start let's understand what 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation mean?

Sponsors who are enrolled directly through me is 1st Generation. Those sponsors who directly enroll their sponsors are 2nd Generation and so on. In other words you can consider it similar to a family tree. "My children" are 1st generation GCoopers. My children's children are 2nd generation GCoopers and so on.

GCoop Generations

I understand the membership qualification portion, but what does the BV requirement for the "smaller leg" mean?

SInce this is a binary compensation plan. You only have 2 legs - A leg or B leg. The "smaller leg" is the leg that has less BV compared to the other leg. The total BV is calculated every week ending on Tuesday. Cash compensation is paid out on the following Thursday.

GCoop Profit Leg

Important note: It is possible that the "Power Leg or A Leg" can also be the smaller leg. So if that happens than the BV requirement must always come from the "smaller leg" regardless whether it is the power leg or the profit leg!

[If you by chance do not understand membership qualification please click here.]

Talking points:

  • Matching Bonus requires 2 things: Membership qualifications and minimum BV requirement of 1 week or 4 weeks depending on the generation. This BV must come from your downline sponsors from your smaller leg regardless of whether it is your A leg or B leg.

  • Matching Bonuses gives incentive to GCoopers to help their downline partners since they receive a percentage of their downline sponsor's income created from Team Bonus - up to 4 generations. If my downline does well, I also do well.

  • If Team Bonus is a cake, Matching Bonus is the icing on the cake. In order to receive Matching Bonus, you must have a strong Team Bonus. In other words, you need to build a strong team in order to receive a regular Matching Bonus.

  • Unlike Team Bonus which have a payout cap of $25,000, there are no payout caps on Matching Bonus.

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