GCoop VirginiA

GCoop Virginia is always looking for people who are interested in GCoop products and to get to know our company. As a GCooper and a social innovator we want to help buildup our communities by first building up one another - both in physical wellness and social wellness.


“... I am an artist, I have worked in the fashion field and specialize in eyebrow tattooing. My sponsor Joon introduced me to GCoop. I tried the products, got to know the company and studied the compensation plan - I was hooked. Help make a world a better place..."

—  Kris, GCoop Virginia

Why Gcoop?

My upline sponsor Joon introduced me to GCoop. At first I was skeptical about the company since many networking companies claim to be have the best products and the best compensation plan. So I decided to try Compound K since no other company in the U.S. officially sells it and the cost was surprisingly inexpensive. After a couple of days of detoxification period I feel great. I have more energy than ever before. I proceeded to try other products... Their CareCella 5 Piece Hydration Set is also remarkably inexpensive and is great on my skin. I have used more expensive sets but CareCella is by far the best. Every product I encounter is amazing. Even the latest Mega Vitamin C supplement is the best quality made from Quali-C DSM, Scotland.

Looking into the company I found that they are a certified B corp and a social enterprise. They give 10% of their profits to local charities and over 65% of the workforce in General Bio comprises of people with learning disabilities. They are certified by the South Korean Government and have earned various governmental awards and citations.


I studied the compensation plan and I am now convinced that GCoop is indeed a company to work for. I have decided to become a full-time GCooper. My wish is that you too will realize the benefits of becoming a GCooper.