GCoop Orange County

GCoop OC is always looking for people who are interested in GCoop products and to get to know our company. As a GCooper and a social innovator we want to help buildup our communities by first building up one another - both in physical wellness and social well-being.

Global GCooper | Global Networker

“... my specialty is business marketing and I can confidently say that there is no other networking company that can match what GCoop has to offer. A certified B corporation, great products with in-house cGMP/GMP certified manufacturing, R&D facility and a compensation plan that is fair and allows anyone who put in the time and effort can become a true network marketer..."

—  GLobal GCooper Eden Lee

Co-Founder GCoop LA

Why Gcoop?

I have worked very hard in my entire life as a business owner from selling wigs and clothes to being a hair stylist and a licensed cosmetologist for over 20 years. For the longest time I have neglected my health over work. I realized that over the years I have accumulated all the harmful chemicals I have been using from the hair salon into my body. Allergies with skin eczemas resulted.

I really wanted a change in lifestyle and during my search I found out about GCoop. Through the web, I saw videos about the Founder of GCoop Jung-Hoon Seo and his philosophy and vision - I was hooked on his way of business, the commitment to the high functional products and their commitment to environment.

More importantly GCoop is a social enterprise and as a certified B-Corporation, it further verified my trust in the company.