GCoop New York

GCoop New York is always looking for people who are interested in GCoop products and to get to know our company. As a GCooper and a social innovator we want to help buildup our communities by first building up one another - both in physical wellness and social wellness.

High value Products

A B-Corp Company

Why Gcoop?

First of all, before joining a multi-marketing level company or any other company for that matter, you need to ask yourself these questions. Does this company have products that I love and actually need? Are there products my friends, family and people around me might also like? Are there any additive social benefits in buying the products? What are the values of the company? How is the compensation plan?


These are some of the important questions that will determine whether GCoop is the right business for you. In short, a person must have the conviction believing in the products before one can sell it.

GCoop has over 150 products within 7 different brands. The products can be grouped into two major lines. One is dietary supplements (General Balance, CK Balance) and the other is functional cosmetics (CareCella, Ecoer Snow).


In a world where consumers are becoming more aware of the products they use, it is important to know that GCoop products fit right into the trends of society's concerns:

  • Eco-friendly

  • Socially active and concerned with the community

  • Promote health and well-being by using all natural ingredients while avoiding chemically harmful ingredients

  • Sound corporate governance.

Having a wide diversity of high quality products is also indicative of a company who is dedicated to its consumer base and longevity of its business.



Second, it is important to take a closer look at the company if you are interested in becoming a GCooper. GCoop is the marketing and distribution company for General Bio Corporation - a cGMP/GMP manufacturing company for cosmetics, dietary supplements, and personal products. General Bio is a social enterprise and a certified B corporation. Over 60% of its employees are from socially disadvantaged groups and of those over half have mental disabilities. While maintaining high quality products, General Bio continues to bring new hope to those less fortunate groups.

GCoop stands for "global cooperative", a company helping other social enterprises and social groups bring their products to the world. GCoop is acknowledged by the Korean government not only as a registered multi-level marketing (MLM) company but as a tech venture company.

Third, GCoop is a multi-level marketing company based on a hybrid binary compensation plan. GCoop adheres to the 35% payout of profits to the networkers as regulated by the laws of Korea. Unfortunately other MLM companies find loopholes to charge special convention events and other expenses as part of the payout. However, GCoop gives all of its 35% as cash payouts to GCoopers. (This one of the defining factors in comparison with most networking companies.) The rest of the profits are used for the maintenance of GCoop campuses and other administrative processes such as product registration for export to other countries.

Hybrid Binary Compensation

It is best to know that GCoopers only need to worry about 2 legs as a binary plan.

There are 5 major ways to get compensated:

  • Sales Bonus: Selling items directly to the public using member/wholesale price.

  • Team Bonus: Balancing 2 legs and receiving weekly payouts

  • Sponsor Bonus: 5% BV commission from people you directly enroll

  • Matching Bonus: Up to 30% in extra commission from your downline

  • Promotion Bonus: Level up bonus for GCoop business owners

The Compensation plan

Strong foundation, strong upline, strong New York...

“It is my pleasure to welcome you to GCoop New York. Our team has worked very hard to establish a GCoop Center in NYC. GCoop fits todays trend with highly functional Korean products, which is absolutely safe for our families and the environment... GCoop brings opportunities to the economically disadvantaged with a fair social platform. GCoop is a certified B corporation.    ”​

—  Grace, Founder of GCoop New York